Tuesday, March 22, 2005
  Terri Gross...not enough info

Terri Gross…WHYY…Tues 3/22/05

Re: Schiavo


I understand you wanting to present a “fair and balanced� approach to the legal understanding of this case, however I was shocked to hear only 1 caller mention the “Right to Kill Law�, signed in 1999 by then Gov Bush of Texas.

A quick check of any of the blogs would have enabled you or your staff to access this info.

Part of the Texas “Right to Kill Law�, states this:


ISSUED A DIRECTIVE AND IS INCOMPETENT OR INCAPABLE OF COMMUNICATION. (a) If an adult qualified patient has not executed or issued a directive and is incompetent or otherwise mentally or physically incapable of communication, the attending physician and the patient's legal guardian or an agent under a medical power of attorney may make a treatment decision that may include a decision to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment from the patient.

"Life-sustaining treatment" means treatment that, based on reasonable medical judgment, sustains the life of a patient and without which the patient will die. The term includes both life-sustaining medications and artificial life support such as mechanical breathing machines, kidney dialysis treatment, and artificial hydration and nutrition.


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