Saturday, September 24, 2005
  Bill Would Permit DNA Collection From All Those Arrested

Brought to you by the same guys who promised less govt.

Your smaller Federal Govt at work for you:

Suspects arrested or detained by federal authorities could be forced to provide samples of their DNA that would be recorded in a central database under a provision of a Senate bill to expand government collection of personal data...

The provision, co-sponsored by Kyl and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), does not require the government to automatically remove the DNA data of people who are never convicted. Instead, those arrested or detained would have to petition to have their information removed from the database after their cases were resolved.

Privacy advocates are especially concerned about possible abuses such as profiling based on genetic characteristics.

You've got be aware of what smaller govt really does and doesn't mean to some people.

Small govt can:

1. Collect your DNA...first sexual predators, then violent felons and now...anyone arrested...not just those who are convicted.

2. Control your bedroom.

3. Control your right to die.

4. Collect your library information.

5. Solicit your 17 year old high school student for the military....No Child Left Behind.

6. Deny many more FOI...just protecting you from yourself.

7. Control the world.


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