Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  Bush's leadership: running on empty

There's a great op-ed in the Boston Globe today, by Joan Vennochi, regarding the leader of our country and his lack of leadership ability. Here's a small sample:

His entire presidency is based on the premise that Americans can have it all, without sacrifice. We can wage a bloody, costly war and not feel any pinch in resources at home. We can cut taxes and still have No Child Left Behind. We can drive gas-guzzling SUVS without regard for dependence on foreign oil. We can eliminate the estate tax and still rebuild New Orleans.

This administration believes in new oil production, not conservation. It chose not to impose higher mileage standard on automakers. Bush's indifference to repeated warnings of global warming is now coming back to haunt him, too, in the form of rising seas. The next time, those waters may wash right up the Potomac to engulf Washington, D.C. The political waters already have.


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Love it!
Higher mileage standards is how we got the SUV.

You see passanger station wagons couldn't meet the standard.

But lo the much heavier SUV was counted as a truck so....

That is mileage standards probably increased overall gasoline consumption.

So yeah. What we need are stiffer standards.
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