Friday, September 16, 2005

Doesn't anyone in this country have any sense of SHAME?

Will this country ever pay it's bills?

We are going to borrow more money from China.

Congressional republicans put off discussion of the estate tax repeal due to an incidental conflict in concepts.

The concept of cutting the taxes of the top 1%, while we go to China to borrow more money.

Who or what do Republicans stand for?

Grassley, in a conference call with Iowa reporters, said he believes debate over the repeal will be postponed.

"It's a little unseemly to be talking about doing away with or enhancing the estate tax at a time when people are suffering," said Grassley, a Republican who is in charge of the committee that writes U.S. tax policy.

Republicans, the party in charge of the Federal Govt, wants to eliminate the estate, aka DEATH TAX.

A reasonable assumption would be that their goal is to help our country.

Would this really help our country?

What about the BIRTH TAX?

FoxNews carried Sen Harry Reid's (D-Nevada) response to Bush's lame SOTU.

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Picture courtesy of the free speech zone.

This is our Deficit.


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