Sunday, September 25, 2005
  Do you trust Frist with his Trust

Posted by: Fran Sunday, September 25, 2005

Do you trust Frist with his Trust?

A "qualified blind trust", according to a govt website, is:

(1) The primary purpose of the blind trust is to confer on the independent trustee and any other designated fiduciary the sole responsibility to administer the trust and to manage trust assets without the participation by, or the knowledge of, any interested party. This includes the duty to decide when and to what extent the original assets of the trust are to be sold or disposed of and in what investments the proceeds of sale are to be reinvested;

I just heard Brit Hume on FNS talk about it doesn't look good, but there's no evidence to show he did anything wrong therefore you can't speculate that something was wrong...Wallace tried to qualify the no evidence talk to say that we don't know of any evidence and we don't know that there's not any evidence. Brit would have no qualifying....I wonder if he takes the same position all the time, with know...Fair and Balanced???

UPDATE: 10:05 AM

In an article in the Washington Post this morning they have some quotes from Frist.

In his own words:

Maybe he did...maybe he didn't.

Also from the article:

Bill trust is very important to him

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