Sunday, September 18, 2005
  Help our Country

The Republican Party promised us good govt…

…with lower taxes. Fail (terror memo, Iraq, FEMA, deficit, deficit )

…with less govt. Fail (in reality…they're in YOUR bedroom)

…with responsibility FAIL FAIL FAIL (did I mention deficit)

I am shocked and amazed that at the lack of ACCOUNTABILITY of the rulers of this country, the Bush Administration Responsibility Fiasco.

Think about it…

…Bush Administration Responsibility Fiasco…


BARF assumes it doesn't stink.

BARF rewards incompetence with the Medal of Freedom.

BARF asks some people to help their country.

BARF would never ask the rest of the country to help.

It was very tough getting military numbers but it seems that only a small percentage actually fight for this country. I could guess at the active military, 1.3 million and then the total of National Guard and Reserve Forces at 1.5 million and I would probably be wrong.

The point is that BARF doesn't know what's important.

I love this country....I hate incompetent government.


Now you've got me thinking. I really enjoy this blog, I'll definitely pop around more often, keep it up!

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