Tuesday, September 27, 2005
  Ungoverned Hostility? maybe, Ungoverned Country? YES

Posted by: Fran 9/27/2005 9:54 AM

I just read a piece, by WFB about the Roberts nomination. I've enjoyed WFB, whether it was Firing Line, or more recently on NRO. It's a great website with a conservative point of view.

My problem with the story did not involve Roberts, it involved Kerry and Dubya: (emphasis mine)

Senator Kerry’s ungoverned hostility to President Bush edges him toward supremacy among the Bush haters, but it is not clear that these are definitely en route to governing the Democratic Party. What cause would the left seek out, in a bid for national control first of the Democratic Party, then of the nation?

The words ungoverned, Bush haters, and then, What cause and national control really caught my eye.

It would seem to me that the nation is ungoverned by Bush.

I can't imagine that WFB agrees with the course this nation is on. And if per chance he did agree, I can't believe he accepts that the execution of the course has been handled in a competent manner.


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