Monday, September 26, 2005
  What is the real cost of Private Schools?

This is an update from a previous post

Posted by: Fran

Just a little more info regarding private school cost. I responded to an article, “Bold, Persistent Experimentation�, by Rich Lowry, of the NRO.

It is the continued persistent pursuit of partisan political ideology, (dividing not uniting), the sad canard of school vouchers saving poor people from the democrats who just want to keep them poor.

Here's part of the article:

The education vouchers, meanwhile, make private school available to kids who had suffered in the atrocious New Orleans public system and help preserve the choice many families had already made. Out of 248,000 students in the broader New Orleans area, 61,000 went to private schools. Opponents of the voucher proposals want to say to bereft families of those private-school students, "Congratulations, you lost everything, and we hope your children now get trapped in public schools on top of it."

61,000 out of 248,000....hmmm, I wonder how many of those 61,000 weren't able to evacuate?

Here's part of an article from Fox News:

The district refunded Clark and Gray $3,415 — Shay's tuition for half the year plus an art fee.

The girl got kicked out of school because at least one of her parents didn't live a Christian life.

Let me see...this is a Christian school and 1/2 the year is $3,415, plus and art fee...that makes the total school year approximately $7,000.

People see what they want to see, that's only human. However, as stated previously...the dogmatic arguments to change the govt should be backed up by reasonable facts. The Bush administration has given us many examples of dogmatic arguments failing to produce the intended results. Please feel free to use your imagination...Iraq, EPA...mercury poisoning, budget deficits, saving Social goes on and on.

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