Thursday, October 27, 2005

<>What should the country make of the unfortunate news this week regarding the treatment of employees in America?

1. Delphi/GM...the demand is that wages for regular (union) employees are slashed by 2/3rds to $9 per hour.

2. WalMart suggests that unhealthy people shouldn't be hired due to the increase in costs. Another memo suggests that people with seniority are no more productive than someone who is newly hired. (no longer on the web).

Can't figure it out? Let me help:

1. We are a country that can no longer afford to pay most of our people a living wage.

Why you ask?

Well the answer has much to do with Walmart and China. We, American companies, consumers and workers have all had successes and failures during this time.

· We, American companies, have been moving jobs off-shore, for cheaper wages for many years. Some fail.

· We, American consumers have benefited from this arrangement with cheaper prices. Most benefit.

· We, American workers have gained and lost.

· We, American consumers and American companies are hitting the point of equilibrium...the point where lower prices will hurt everyone.

Think of it. What prices are beyond off-shore or immigrant cost reduction? Healthcare, energy, education and government.

How will the new American worker afford to live in his own country? How will he pay for healthcare? Who will pay for his retirement after the companies declare bankruptcy?

We won't get paid more than Walmart wages...and Walmart now wants to limit it's employees to only the healthy...well it seems that they'll have an increasing pool to employ..yet a decreasing pool that will be able to afford...even Walmart.

We, our republican govt has squandered any chance that we might be able to afford the transition from high wages and benefits to Walmart wages for all.

Wait till the populist rage descends on the teachers, nurses, police and most other govt employees...then we'll know our place in history.

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