Monday, November 14, 2005
  The US Islamic Strategy

The US Islamic Strategy

posted by Fran Monday, November 14, 2005

We, the people, progressive and conservative, fervently argue the values and implementation of the foreign policy of the Bush administration. The argument involves WMD and who knew what and when did they know it.

I think, and I hope, that our govt is smarter than such a sophomoric argument.

My guess is that our govt is engaged in a policy of deception.

My guess is that our policy, after 9/11, was to engage the Muslim population in a war on itself. A little background:

Islamic terrorism, as currently known, has existed for 40 years. The rally cry has always been the existence of Israel. The late 90's intifada, with it's use of suicide bombers taught Israel, and eventually us, about the determination of some members of the Islamic community.

Suicide bombing became accepted by the Muslim community, as a means of war, and then it was used on us.

A free society can't exist with suicide bombings...they are mutually exclusive.

We needed to find a way to get Muslims to oppose suicide bombings. Our choice was Iraq.

It was a conscious decision of the US Govt to induce a war between the Shia and Sunni sects of Islam.

If they suicide bomb each other enough it will provoke outrage in the Islamic community.

The situation has to be "real". It called for political sacrifice.

Bush had to play stupid for this to work.

If this was not our policy, then I'm seriously worried.

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Sanity at last.

why can't they stop killing the kids?
Is Fran dreaming or what?
Her apologist analysis of the Bush's strategy in the Middle East reminds me of an old SNL (Saturday Night Life) comic depiction of Reagan planing with his cabinet their policies towards Eurpoe. In the depiction Reagan seemed to be aware of the last penny accrued from interest by world bank accounts. He further ends the satire by noting that "it is 5:30am now in Frankfort so ...fix the bone and ...get on the phone with the germans..."
Wouldn't it be nice if Bush had it all together. Regretfuly the man seems to be out of touch with reality.
For the record I ought to note that suicide bombings had been condemned by all prominent muslim religious leaders. Not one suicide bombing had been carried out by shia in the manner described. All the bombings are carried out by the so called Alqaida. A shadow organization that raises many questions about its origins. I am not so sure that many of the reported suicide bombings are in fact SUICIDE bombings, since technology can do most of the dirty work nowadays from a far distance. Perhaps then I agree with Fran that many of the bombings are the works of US clandestine operations.
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