Tuesday, December 20, 2005
  The new King George...the British must be laughing.
Posted by: Fran Tuesday, 12/20/05

Poor George.

Do not pillory W for his NSA decision. He is being fed his lines from those he choose, the ones who advise and direct him. It can be easy to direct him if you know what buttons to push. Being a non-complicated person it's easy for people like Cheney, Bolton, Rumsfeld to direct W, through such proxy patsies as John Yoo, Alberto Gonzales and misquided generals.

· John Yoo hasn't seen a govt power that needs to be controlled, unless it regulates business

· Gonzales, rising through BushWorld, knows what to do and has adopted the family line. To him, this is success.

· Cheney is a man who dislikes the messiness of democracy...just give him the power and he'll give you a world that you'll learn to like.

· Bolton is just like Cheney, except a little to obvious. He has the big moustache to match his big temper.

· Rumsfeld is a great bureaucratic manager. Seeming tireless, he has totally controlled the Pentagon and exploited some of it's professional soldiers.

· The Generals, even though exposed by the bad results, cling to the fig leaf of Rummy and W.

Some of the casualties from this feckless administration:

· the truth...(first to fall)

· the soldiers in the field...

o lack of troops

o lack of armor

o inability to control and secure country

o "messy", as defined by Rummy

o insurgency....denial, lack of response,

· responsibility...think Plame

· accountability...think CIA and Tenet, DoD and Gen. Franks

· The Constitution

o original torture John Yoo

o rendition...leading to torture

o NSA...domestic spying without judicial oversight

All of this has been accomplished, in part, by our willfully blind, deaf and dumb...

feckless, GOP controlled congress.

History will not look kindly on most of those who have both overplayed and underplayed their

hands in this most serious game of life.

Incompetence will be the defining term of this era.

Please...VOTE for COMPETENCE in 2005
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