Thursday, January 12, 2006
  Rhetoric vs. Reality

Our Leader wants us to believe that rhetoric can have consequences in Iraq.

From the Washington Times:

Responding to a 7-year-old in the audience who asked how Americans can help in the war on terror, Mr. Bush said: "One way people can help as we're coming down the pike in the 2006 elections is remember the effect that rhetoric can have on our troops in harm's way and the effect that rhetoric can have in emboldening or weakening an enemy."

I agree with him. Funny, he didn’t say if the effect would be positive or negative.

These things can, and did have a negative effect on our troops:

· “Democracy is untidy�, as stated by Rummy.

· Dismissing General Shinseki’s suggestions about troop levels.

· Wolfowitz...almost any statement regarding Iraq.

· Insurgency denial.

· Post war planning.

· Vice

· Bush...controlled by or listening to only one side of the equation.

· Bubbles

Finally, going to war with rose colored glasses. It’s all about life. Many people have lost their lives and many families have had their futures changed forever because of incompetence by Our Leader, and the people he chose to help him.

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