Thursday, January 12, 2006
  Rise and Fall of True Believers

An excellent recounting of a small part of the beginning of the GOP takeover of the Federal Govt by Robert Scheer, who was unceremoniously dropped by the LAT for being too partisan or too liberal. It’s a shame he wasn’t kept just because he’s a good writer.

Lucky we have the good folks at TruthOut.

 Rise and Fall of True Believers
    By Robert Scheer
    The San Francisco Chronicle

    Wednesday 11 January 2005

    Oh what a tangled web these no-longer-young Republicans weave when first they practice to deceive! The plumb line that runs down through the cesspool of the festering Abramoff-DeLay scandal is the conceit that the scions of the Reagan Revolution, a generation of young Republican activists summoned by God and party, were morally superior creatures, who had only pure ideological motives for cutting the country's social-safety nets in the name of "small government."


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