Thursday, February 02, 2006
  Republican Reform

Welcome back to Republicans Deceive the Masses, part II.

If you remember the Republican takeover of the House, way back to 1990s, then youll love this sequel.

The story line calls for verbal skills, deception and an audience of whom at least 50% want to be deceived.

Our former hero, Newt Gingrich (also an early victim), convinced the masses and many in Congress that the govt was out of control because of Democrats. All that the country needed was Republican control to: 1) cut taxes, 2) shrink the federal govt, 3) eliminate deficit spending, 4) cut federal govt regulations, 5) eliminate abortion, 6) and allow religion back into the public square.

I loved to listen. This man, and others of like politics, could charm the lollipop from a baby.

The result:

YEA: 1, 6 (partial achievement with un-Intelligent Design)

NEA: 2, 3, 4, 5

Not only couldnt these reformers???,  make things better...they actually made things worse.

Other results: ...only a few, otherwise its too depressing

1) lobbyist buy govt, 2) govt by lobbyist (Abramoff), 3) Iraq,

4) Domestic Spying, 5) Schiavo...govt in your house, 6) Katrina,

7) Medicare Part D...the prescription drug nightmare

And dont forget the biggest thievery of govt: we are currently

Pre-funding Social not pay as you go. Our govt is spending this money. Congress and Dear Leader are spending the money that Greenspan and other said we should put aside to help alleviate a potential crisis in Social Security.

President Bush, by law, is spending our Social Security money instead of saving it.

The truly sad aspect of all this partisan fighting... that there isnt any.

Where are the GD Democrats? Protect our Rights. Protect SS.

Stop being afraid, there is nothing to fear but...

Weakass Republican excuses for running the govt into the ground.

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