Thursday, April 20, 2006
  Ann Coulter and Pleas

Ann Coulter lectures the world about life choices, while condemning some choices of strippers and lacrosse players.


Is it necessary to be lectured about choices in life by someone with the resume of Ann Coulter? She wrote:

“The liberal charge of "hypocrisy" has so permeated the public consciousness that no one is willing to condemn any behavior anymore, no matter how seedy.”


This is the same Ann Coulter who votes illegally, ...allegedly.


According to The Brad Blog, Ann Coulter is a felonious voter.


Luckily for her she has an excuse:

“The Christian answer is: I can never pay this back, but luckily that Christ fellow has already paid my debt.”


Isn’t nice to be able to write a column condemning the personal behavior of other people, while at the same time her personal behavior is protected by a special...get out of jail free card, courtesy of Christ.


Talk about hypocrisy.


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