Saturday, April 15, 2006

I think the cartoon war is out of control. It is uniting the West and exposing radical fundamentalist Islam, (Islamofacism), for what it is, which is a political organization disguised as a religion.

I imagine that Bush & Co are stunned by their good luck. After their ham-handed attempt in Iraq to manipulate the world, they have been handed the ultimate prize...a public relations nightmare for the Islamofacists.

Iraq is/was a strategic blunder of amazing proportions. The only ‘good’ strategic thing was that Islamists were fighting Islamists. Maybe the boy moron & Co will soon claim as part of the plan, (just like the Katrina warnings).

The cartoon war is amazing. It started small and obscure; some would say that it wasn’t even noticed, even in Egypt. And now, it’s all over the world. We owe our thanks to a few impatient Imams from Denmark.

Outraged that the cartoon images of the prophet didn’t bring down the wrath of Allah in Denmark or Egypt (whose state controlled media reprinted the images in Oct), the Imams brought the images to the Mideast with the express purpose of fomenting outrage in the Muslim community against the West.

One unintended consequence is that now people are talking about Islam and whether it tolerates other people and their religions. In Saudi Arabia you are not permitted to have a bible. Might that not be considered an offense against Christians?

Another unintended consequence just happened on Fox News Sunday, when Fred Barnes decried of Muslims and said, “Islamic extremists...are trying to impose their religion on others...” Now if Fred could just focus that laser beam of conservative logic at Christian fundamentalists in this country we just might have a discussion worth having.

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