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  Political Speculation 11-30-06
What Will W Do?

Political Speculation 11-30-06


Today is the first day of the rest of W's political/meaningful life. The much anticipated release of the ISG's; (Iraq Study Group); report doesn't help W in the least.


The report recommends that the US pullback 'combat' troops. Like there are very much of any other. Out of the approx' 150,000 troops, how, many are training?


Bush has rejected the call to disengage our troops from what would seem to be a civil war.


Civil war definition: MerrionWebster

Function: noun

: a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country


We, the citizens of the USA, are currently witnessing the most embarrassing meltdown of what was once thought to be a political dynasty...the Bush Family.


Funny how W doesn’t get it. W still doesn't like to listen or learn; and that’s a lesson from history.


Unfortunately this political meltdown has consequences. Our military people are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.


When is someone going to declare W brain-dead and remove him from something he doesn’t grasp...the survival of the US.


I predict as of 11-30-06:

·      W will reject timelines in his Iraq policy.

·      W will accept Maliki as his Iraqi other choice.

·      W will continue to pursue ‘neocon’ strategy of domination.

·      W will then accept Rice’s opening for peace. 12-10 thru 12-20-06



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